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  • [ BOOK LIVES ] Dark Cities by Shyue Woon

    Dark Cities by Shyue Woon co-published with Invisible Photographer Asia ISBN 978-981-11-6667-9 I’m taking a break from watching Sharp Objects to write about this trilogy.

  • In God’s Country

    [KOTA BARU, KELANTAN] Up north in Peninsular Malaysia and bordering southern Thailand, Kelantan is the last Malaysia state where the Islamic Party of Malaysia still rules, albeit by a small majority.

  • Penang

    Travelogues AsiaPenang Penang 2014 [ ASIA ] JAPAN: Tokyo / Kyoto / Naoshima / Ishinomaki / Kamakura // CHINA: Chengdu / Beijing / Shanghai / Kunming / Guangzhou / Foshan / Lijiang…