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  • FOREIGN TALENTS: Veera Sundaram Ponnivalavan

    [ FOREIGN TALENTS: The Hands That Built Our Homes 2016 ] Veera Sundaram Ponnivalavan 45, Chennai, INDIA General Worker Veera came to Singapore in 1995 and like most foreign workers, says he…

  • FOREIGN TALENTS: Farahad Ali

    [ FOREIGN TALENTS: The Hands That Built Our Homes 2016 ] Farahad Ali 33, Jamalpur, BANGLADESH General Worker Farahad came to Singapore in 2008 and his two younger brothers are also here.…

  • FOREIGN TALENTS: Kumar s/o Karuppiah

    [ FOREIGN TALENTS: The Hands That Built Our Homes 2016 ] Kumar s/o Karuppiah 35, Madurai, INDIA Plumbing Survey Kumar started working as a plumber in Singapore in 1999 and is now…

  • Happier Ever After

    Bad photoshopping; dubious award being awarded to dubious works; fight over one’s copyright; debate over one’s idea being misappropriated; ‘incompetent’ wedding photographer ruining a wedding.

  • Made in Singapore

    As a kid growing up in the little village of Baktabali in Bangladesh, Salim Javed often wondered about life on the other side of the Dhaleshwari River. Why did so many people…

  • Remind yourself to close the windows.

    Spooks – The Book

    To Watch and Be Watched On an assignment in South Asia almost two decades ago, I ‘accidentally’ made some ‘sensitive’ pictures at a political rally, and incurred the wrath of the local…

  • The Reluctant Propagandist

    Very early in life, I learned that my maternal grandfather was someone ‘special’, and I, by proxy, would always be treated with ‘special’ care.

  • Time To Be Aware

    According to a recent poll conducted by The Sunday Times, 55 out of the 100 poll respondents did not follow the saga at Aware, and 70 said they didn’t care.

  • So Help Them, God

    When my friend’s parents discovered that he is gay, they flipped, and then took things into their own hands.