Personal Projects

Remains of the Day

When I approached the start of middle age a few years ago, the big word called Mortality hangs heavily over my shoulders, my neck, and need I say, my heart. One day, not too long ago, I did a rough calculation to determine my remaining time on earth, and based on life expectancy of a typical Singapore Chinese Male, I have about 25 years left, if I were to live till 75. And so I wonder more and more about the big question – “What should I leave behind?” But is it just a question of should? No, not really. I realized, as soon as I (re)discovered that life is cheap, that everyday, I am making an imprint, if not a few. Some are more permanent, others superficial. The photographs I make are nothing but Remains of the Day. I am, or will be, also nothing but Remains of the Day.