Summer Nights by Robert Adams

BOOK LIVES: Summer Nights by Robert Adams

Summer Nights
by Robert Adams
ISBN 0-89381-141-6

I have no idea why it has taken me so long to own a monograph by Robert Adams.

After all, I bought and read rather intensively his book of essays called Why People Photograph many many years ago.

Could it because I had cataloged him erroneously under the section called ‘photographers who are great writer but make boring pictures‘?

Maybe I did. My bad.

I must have collected, under that label, a fair number of landscape photographers, especially if they make mainly black and white pictures.

I don’t think Lee Friedlander or Garry Winogrand were parked there though. But let’s leave that for another day.

Strange that it has taken several photographers I admire – Todd Hido and Gregory Crewdson – to come back to Adams.

The first picture inside this book, of the back of a woman in her living room, has been haunting me since I re-saw it again recently.

On dear, no words are needed here.

But you know why.