Watch Your Back

The first thing I did returning from my morning ride was to send Straits Times photographer Kevin Lim a message saying that today’s ST cover is something I will keep. Then I saw this image hidden in page 11.

Just when I was starting to give up on ‘a different point of view in daily newspapers’, I was totally delighted to see this image in print.

I understand that at 10pm last night, there was no indication that it was going to be used but thank goodness, an editor right at the very very top likes it enough to want to frame it, and therefore found a way to make sure this is not buried in some morgue.

I am greedy and told Kevin that this should have been used on the back page, in full.

To me, this is the more ‘accurate’ picture because we really don’t know what these two really stand for.

I would probably have written a caption like:

“Putting behind a good start in Singapore, where the two leaders are headed will remain a mystery known only to a select few. The world will be following closely, from a safe distance.”

This is one of those ‘historical moments’ when I feel strongly enough to interrupt my own social media hiatus.