[ FOREIGN TALENTS: The Hands That Built Our Homes 2016 ]

Senia Sabut
35, Johor Baru, MALAYSIA
House Cleaner

Senai moved from Kapit, Sarawak to Johor Baru with her then-husband 14 years ago.

An Iban, she was a housewife for 10 years before starting work in an electronic factory.

For the past two years, she commutes daily from JB to Singapore, where she will clean houses for different families.

She starts her day early at 5am and only reaches her apartment she shares with another cleaner in Masai Pasir Gudang, at around 10pm.

Senia’s three young children now live in Kapit with her mother and most of the money she earns in Singapore goes to them.

Photographed on 6 May 2016.