FOREIGN TALENTS: Lakshmanan Venkatesan

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Lakshmanan Venkatesan
28, Chennai, INDIA
Piling Worker

Lakshmanan came to Singapore nine years ago and has only been back to visit his parents once.

“No reason lah,” he said, “I like Singapore.”

The bachelor said that he may get married next year although he doesn’t have a girlfriend at this moment.

When asked how he is going to do that, he said, “Mommy find.”

What asked about the kind of women he would like to marry, he said, “Mommy choose.”

Lakshmanan, the only child in his family, worked four years as a welder for a grill manufacturer in Chennai before coming here.

He lives in a dormitory in Kranji provided by his employer, the same one he has been with since the start of his journey here.

Photographed on 5 May 2016.