FOREIGN TALENTS: Kumar s/o Karuppiah

Kumar s/o Karuppiah [ FOREIGN TALENTS: The Hands That Built Our Homes 2016 ]

Kumar s/o Karuppiah
35, Madurai, INDIA
Plumbing Survey

Kumar started working as a plumber in Singapore in 1999 and is now a crew leader of five in a piping company. His main role these days is to supervise a team specializing in CCTV plumbing survey.

“I came here only to make money lah. I miss my parents, my wife and my children.”

In 2009, he married Maliarasi, a young woman from his village his parents found through a matchmaker. He had never met her or saw her photos before the wedding.

The couple has two boys, the older is five, the younger two-and-half. He managed to return to India to witness the birth of his first-born, but not the second.

In 2013, his wife and son visited him in Singapore and stayed for two months.

“It was hard to get visas for them but some friends who are PR here helped me.”

Photographed on 27 April 2016.