Designed as a new nationalistic monument to be unveiled in 2015, in line with a nation’s Golden Jubilee celebration, this controversial structure will rise 5000 feet above sea level. Comprising 50 ‘storeys’, each boasting a ceiling 100 feet high, each floor will bear the names of 1000 national heroes who have contributed in the areas of finance, science, technology, sports, arts, entertainment, education. On a clear day, this skyscraper, which will become the tallest in the world, is visible from as far as Toronto. Building cost, expected to exceed $5 billion, will be funded entirely by the country’s 50 richest businessmen. In a recent press interview, the architect confirmed that each of the floor symbolizes the arm of a giant crane, a sign of the nation’s insatiable taste for new superstructures. In response to netizens’ criticism that this is narcissistic, he retorted, “At least we can afford it.” But reliable sources revealed that the project is unlikely to get the go-ahead as it was revealed that the tall structure is likely to collapse in the event of strong wind. Two of the images from the stress tests, which show the structure swaying beyond the prescribed limits for this class of buildings, have also been leaked and included in this report.