For more than a decade, I have been obsessed with one personal mission – Finding Naoko. Armed with my trusted Leica rangefinder and mostly the standard 50mm lens, I have traversed the globe, going from one city to another in search of the illusive woman. Just exactly who is she? Do I even know how she looks like? Will I know it if I really meet her? Perhaps I don’t really want to succeed, for what we can’t find is always the most beautiful.

Miss Sakura #0845
Edition of three, plus one artist’s proof

S$1500 per print


About the print:
– Size: 16.5″ x 23.4″ or 420mm x 594mm
– Each print is carefully made with the HP DesignJet Z9+ Printer, using original HP inks
– The paper for this edition is Canson Infinity Baryta Prestige 340gsm
– Signed with title, edition number, and year, with ink, recto and verso; and seal of authenticity on lower right corner of print


{ ASIA: } JAPAN: Tokyo / Kyoto / Naoshima / Kamakura / CHINA: Chengdu / Beijing / Shanghai / Kunming / Lijiang / Dalian / THAILAND: Bangkok / SOUTH KOREA: Seoul / TAIWAN: Taipei / HONG KONG: Hong Kong / AUSTRALIA: Sydney / BHUTAN: Bhutan / MALAYSIA: Kota Bahru / { EUROPE: } ITALY: Venice / TURKEY: Istanbul / CZECH REPUBLIC: Prague / SPAIN: Madrid / Barcelona / Granada / Seville / GERMANY: Berlin / UK: London / HUNGARY: Budapest / NORWAY: Oslo / FRANCE: Paris / Avignon { NORTH AMERICA: } USA: San Francisco & Napa Valley / New York City / Connecticut { SOUTH AMERICA: } ARGENTINA: Buenos Aires
Chengdu, China, 2018


Singapore Unseen @ Pera Museum, Istanbul

In August 2013, as a run-up to the 50th anniversary of Singapore attaining political independence, the PLATFORM team launched the initiative to publish 20 books, containing 15 images each, by 20 Singaporean photographers. published almost one book every month for two years, culminating in an exhibition featuring all 20 books at Jendala (Visual Arts Space) at Esplanade–Theatres by the Bay in August 2015. As a spin-off to, we also created +50 This Is Singapore, a two-volume compilations of works by up-an-coming photographers based in Singapore. In 2018, I was invited by Pera Museum in Istanbul, Turkey to curate an exhibition – Singapore Unseen – a show based on the two book projects.