[ K ] Our Blues

What is there not to like about Our Blues, a series coming to an end on Netflix this week? Not a whole lot, to be honest.

Sure, some parts with Shin Min-A can look like they are outtakes from last year’s hit Hometown Cha Cha Cha, but in truth, these two series are a world apart.

For a start, Our Blues is set in Jeju and filmed in Jeju; Hometown is make-believe Gongjin which is actually Pohang.

Although Shin Min-A is (still) the most adorable and beautiful, she is not necessarily the star this time. The fact is that this cast is so good overall that it is likely that everyone can and will have his own favorite/s.

Personally I find the fishy auntie, Jung Eun-Hui(Lee Jun-Eun) the most likeable. While she may not be the luckiest woman when it comes to the affairs of the heart, she will be my number one choice if I have to choose a good friend.

Why on earth will she still give money to her first love Choi Han-Su(Cha Seung-Won) even when she finds out that he is only pretending to be in love so he can borrow money to pay for his wife and daughter to live their dreams?

Who will drop everything to journey from Jeju to Seoul just because she thinks her ‘best’ friend needs her there and then?

How is it that she’s always able to find space in her heart to forgive? I do wish more people(myself included) can be like her.

I also happen to like the two feuding bros/uncles who later become in-laws. Despite being outcasts in their society, they are deep down dependable members of the society. And good dad too!

And coming back to Choi Han-su, the character is so real and admirable. I am sure we all know people who seems ok on surface because they have to be, because we want them and need them to be ok; but deep down, he is such a wreck. Do I blame him? Not at all. In fact my heart bleeds for him.

Of course the diehard fans will say Lee Byung-hun and Shin Min-a are a match made in heaven. In fact, those who are still reeling from the real-life destructions of Chief Hong/Kim Seon-ho may even argue that Shin min-a finally gets what she deserves in broody-lorry-driving-hawker Lee. Why? Because the world craves another Son & Hyun:)

Will they finally get together this weekend? Just watch.

But for me, what works best in this series is how imperfect everyone is, and somehow, the little community they live in always finds ways to accept and accommodate every one. Because in real life, people do screw up.

I don’t really understand why it is called Our Blues. But after 18 parts, I am beginning to see that maybe it is as simple as saying we all have our own bad days, the blue days.

But more importantly, nobody needs to be alone. And Jeju Island, home, is where one can feel safe.