[ J ] Japan Sinks

Thinking that I should expand my horizon and not be stuck in kaydramaland, I gambled on Japan Sinks on Netflix.

So disappointed.

Bad acting, lousy script can’t save an otherwise very popular manga that has many many iterations. This tv series is one that should never be made.

The premise is simple enough – human screwed up planet earth and a giant catastrophe is looming. Instead of doing what is ‘right’, people in position to change things decide to make decisions based on personal gains.

The fictional PM can’t lead, can’t inspire, can’t speak, though he finally listens. The villain DPM is just so typical but unconvincing.

Anne Watanabe is usually watchable but here, she is as mild as the computer graphics of devastation. The lead who plays Amami simply doesn’t have what it takes to be the whistleblowing hero.

If there is one salvaging point, that is we are reminded that the world is full of idiots. Perhaps if we transpose this in the context of how some countries and leaders are mishandling the Covid-19 pandemic, there may be some answers.

But one should not have to waste 8hrs of his life to be reminded of something so fundamental.