[ K ] High Class

High Class (now on VIU) could have been named Sky Castle (Jeju Island Edition) and nobody will complain.

Competitive Korean society. People with too much (dirty) money. What else do you need?

Just imagine this – one day, you wake up and find out that your husband has died but his body cannot be found. And then the troubles start mounting – the money he disappears with, the woman that appears after he disappears.

Again, sticking to the very successful K-drama model, you need a lot of rich people behaving badly. Not-too-bad looking women with very poor fashion sense and then giant houses they don’t spend too much time in because they are always out plotting against each other, or forever at PTA and school board meetings.

And as always, strong women, weak men.

Then you also need people to come back from death (more than once).

You can choose to watch this for Cho Yeo-Jeong, most remembered in the western world as the wife from Parasite, although for me, it will be The Servant(you know why if you watch).

Or you can enjoy the beautiful Jeju Island.

The plot and the twists, I think you can do without.