[ K ] Awaken



Woke Up.


If the title of this series is anything to go by, it can mean that at some points, the viewers will fall asleep watching this rather convoluted tale. I did. A lot. But I persevered because I am a big fan of Lee Chung Ah.

Set in an island and a place called White Night Village, children mysteriously disappear. And then they grow up, mostly abnormally albeit with super-human-power.

Of course like most K-dramas, there are some bad guys and endless twists. Revenge. Shock.

Namkoong Min is very good when he acts autistic so I do wonder if he is. Then I remember him in Hot Stove League. So probably not.

Lee Chung Ah deserves a separate entry on her own so wait patiently.

As for Seolhyun(I am still very uncomfortable addressing her so informally), I can only say, “acting may not be your strong suit, please consider other career options.”

Is this worth watching? Not if you have better things to do.