[ K ] Move to Heaven

Watching the last two episodes of ‘Move to Heaven’ and wondering what will be in my yellow box.

If you haven’t, please watch this.

When it comes to Korean dramas, the individual’s taste is often quite varied so it is rare to find a group of people raving about the same show. ‘Move to Heaven’ is one such series.

Unlike many recent K-dramas, ‘Move to Heaven’ is only 10 episodes and doesn’t twist for the sake of.

Geu-ru, a 20-year-old man with Asperger Syndrome, inherits his dad’s trauma cleaning service. His special condition makes him perfect for this job because returning the meaningful things to the right person can often be very trying. It takes someone who cannot take no for an answer to deliver.

Each episode is almost self-contained but there are common themes that string everything together.

I like the story of the doting mom saving for her son’s suit the most. The janitor and his secret garden is also very moving.

End of the day, everyone has unfinished business and the lucky few have strangers fulfilling them in their absence.

Very few K series actually make me yearning for more but I do want a second season.

Be ready to be moved, though not necessarily to Heaven.