Promising Young Woman

[ Promising Young Woman ] Personally I have not met anyone who didn’t like Carey Mulligan’s performance in An Education.

Although Rosamund Pike has a special place in my heart, Ms Mulligan is just an incredible actress, more than a promising young woman.

In the opening scene you will meet Cassendra and immediately you will worry for her. At the same time you may be left to wonder – is she asking for troubles?

But you will continue worrying for her throughout the film, so accept it. The situation has become all too familiar, probably upped seceral notches with #metoo.

Remember when a woman says no, she means no. And then you will meet Nina. Without giving too much away, a friend thinks this is modern-day Thelma & Louise. I think it is a little darker but once you know what Cassie & Nina went through, you might think it is all very necessary.

The script is okay, in fact super for a first-time director. I watched it mostly for Mulligan and didn’t regret it.

Take her home and take your chances. Do it.