Classmates Minus

[ Classmates Minus 同學麥娜絲 ] If you had enjoyed 大佛普拉斯 Great Buddha+, you will be happy to know that Classmates Minus 同學麥娜絲 is just as fantastic. And fantastic is not an adjective I use easily.

黃信堯 Huang Hsin-yao, 你他X的太利害了啦.

Now how do we even begin to describe this crazy piece of work?

There’s no doubt that Huang is a film buff, a frustrated artist trying to put rice on the table while wanting to maintain creative integrity. Sounds familiar?

One of the four ‘classmates minus’ is Huang for sure – that broody wannabe director who allows himself to be used for political purposes because that’s how he can continue to do his art.

Talk about sacrifices.

That’s Tom, aka 添仔 aka 吳銘添, who wants you to believe that “Tom-orrow will be a better day”.

Then meet 閉結 Blockage, who helps people realize dreams they can’t while alive.And we have 電風, the ethical insurance salesman who does all the right things but doesn’t do anything right.

Don’t know the difference? Ask your cowardly boss.

Last but not least, 罐頭 Canned Food, who bottled up his love for his Goddess and when he finally meets her in the way he always wanted, he decides that some people are deities – they belong to the altar and should never be on the same level as us minions.In the end, you will meet 麥娜絲 Minus, but Minus might as well be referring to all of us ‘losers’.

Just so that you understand — the Great Buddha is a PLUS, the rest of us MINUS. Simple.

Now why do I think this is not the end of Huang Hsin-yao’s craziness?

Classmates Minus 同學麥娜絲 is now on Netflix and I’m not paid to say this.