[ BOOK LIVES ] Ravens by Masahisa Fukase

by Masahisa Fukase
ISBN 978-1-910164-83-9

Raise your right hand if you are one of those who bought Ravens because you felt left out if you didn’t.

Now raise your left hand if you still don’t quite get what Masahisa Fukase is trying to say.

I think there is no need to over-intellectualize it.

Accept that photographers are a moody bunch that are prone to the emotional ups and downs more than ‘normal’ people and when they cannot explain things clearly, they seek the help of an animal.

Masahisa has his ravens; Gregory Crewdson his fireflies.

Now you need to do two things: get moody and then identify your animal.

Wait, I forget to set the prerequisite: you must be famous in the future to pull it off.

I wish it is that simple.