[ K ] The World of the Married

Currently playing in Korea and available on Viu a few hours after, The World of the Married is not the kind of drama to watch during Covid-19:)

I suggest locking up all knives, Lysol, hammers or anything that can be used to hurt if you are watching during this semi-lockdown.

But don’t worry, couples in this series don’t fight over HBL or WFH. They quibble over more ‘important’ issues in life which you can find out for yourself, of course by watching:)

Should you watch it with your spouse? Hmmm hmmmm. Think again. Should you discuss with each other after watching? Hmmmm hmmmm. Should you watch it if you are single? Hmmmm

Currently the third highest rated drama in Korea after Sky Castle and Crash Landing, a lot of Koreans are watching it together or separately; or they watch once alone, then another time together.

If you are wondering why some people are running frantically in the park these days, try asking if they are chasing this series;)

Oh not that you will Google but this is based on UK series Dr Foster.