[ K ] The Package

Don’t be fooled by the nondescript title of this series because The Package does contain quite a few punches.

First, you can’t go wrong with settings like Paris, Saint Malo and Mont-Saint-Michel. Even if the script is lousy, just enjoy the scenery.

But The Package is surprisingly thoughtful although the general approach is lighthearted.

What happens when 3.5 couples with different agendas and issues go on a holiday ‘together’?

Imagine being middle-aged and diagnosed with terminal cancer, think you are alone in your struggle but actually no, the person you assume doesn’t care actually cares a lot but just can’t express it.

Or being together with someone for seven years and losing sparks of a new relationship. When you want to hear simple good things, all he can offer is ‘later’, ‘later’ and later.

And then we have a widower who wants to be loved again but is worried that his daughter will not want him to be happy with another woman who is not mom.

When I was in Budapest and Prague, I was totally amazed by the number of South Korean tourists that flocked there because two of the very popular series – Lovers in Prague and Doctor Stranger – were set in these two cities.

I assume the French tourism folks did everything they could to make The Package possible and that every country worth its reputation is making a beeline to have a K drama filmed in it.

Last but not least, this note cannot be complete without a special mention for Miss Guide – Lee Yeon Hee. She is like a very young and beautiful Michelle Yim 米雪, just more lovely.

I think after Covid-19, this is what the world needs to be happier and happening again:)