[ K ] Temperature of Love

Let’s get a few things straight: First, Temperature of Love is a Korean drama that doesn’t boil over. An aspiring writer meets a talented chef, falls in love, faces all kinds of challenges. After five years, they ‘sleep’ together by Face-timing each other to zzzzz zzzz zzzz

So if romantic love is the only love you know, then you are shallow and selfish:) In this series you will find all the shades – bromance, spousal love, parental devotion, siblings’ affection, coworker camaraderie. Quite obviously, these variations are more important that the muah muah:)

There is also the love for nice sweaters, good food and beautiful houses.

But all things failing, remember that anything with Lee Mi Sook is watchable. She is, after all, a very attractive woman who launched her own lingerie line in her 50s and appeared in her own product ads. I’ll be the first to admit I started on this series because of her.

Modern Korean dramas like several topics and one of them is the romance between younger men and older women. Somehow I think a lot of screenwriters are women in their reflective best.

Temperature of Love doesn’t sizzle but it is kind of nice for a change. After the super intense Nobody Knows, I’m all cool for some mellowdrama.