[ K ] Legend of the Blue Sea

I can be severely lacking in certain aspects of imagination so I generally stay clear of period pieces, sci-fi, mythical and anything involving time travel. But I found myself totally mesmerized by Legend of the Blue Sea.

Granted, I picked the series for a totally personal reason – My Sassy Girl Jun Ji-hyun.

Who can forget that crazy bitch who must have given many boys and men nightmares in the 2001 classic?

Of course, many ajumma friends can’t wait to remind me that it also stars the very pretty Lee Min-ho, who is a surprisingly good actor compared to many young male Korean stars who just look cute with their shaggy hair and red lips.

I was more excited by Moon So-ri and Shin Hye-sun, two very accomplished actresses I’ve long admired but they are mini stars compared to the very delectable Jun Ji-hyun. She is just so beautiful, funny and a born scene-stealer. But first thing first – she is a great actress who can change an entire scene with a wink.

And yes, I need to at least talk a bit about the plot.

What happens when you meet someone who keeps giving you the deja vu?

Inspired by a classic Joseon legend about a fisherman who captures and releases mermaids, the creators of this 2016 series took total artistic license and transformed it into a modern day romantic dramedy.

Not only can the mermaid swim gracefully, she has magic power including the ability to erase one’s memories. She is also a born linguist who learns to speak fluent Korean by placing a laptop over her head for minutes. Don’t try, it doesn’t work. I know, don’t ask how.

The fishy woman also becomes an expert in the affairs of the heart in very short time. According to her, there’s “romantic love, hot love and dirty love”. Going to movies, high tea, shopping, in her opinion, are just “vain formalities”.

And like 95% of all Korean dramas, there are orphans. At least one will find out later in his life that his father who abandoned him is really chairman of a company.

Just two more things before I head back to sea.

First, the mermaid has a beautiful wardrobe but she looks nice in anything.

Second, I will need to read up thoroughly on mermaids. They exist right?