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Finding Naoko

"What we can't find is always the most beautiful."

K歌K词: 会唱的一起唱

[ K ] 離不開你

歌名:离不开你 原唱:劉歡 作詞:李文歧 作曲:李黎夫

[ K ] 失戀無罪

歌名:失戀無罪 原唱:黃麗玲 作詞:林夕 作曲:劉勇志

[ K ] 爱,永远不会消失

歌名 : 爱,永远不会消失 原唱 : 张惠妹 作词:十方 作曲:王力宏

Your looks are laughable,
Yet you’re my favorite
work of art

My Funny Valentine
by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart


Every artist has his own city. Mine is Singapore. That it is the city of my birth and that I have spent most of my life here have not made photographing it easier. In the constant struggle to decide between what’s exciting and what’s boring; what’s real and what’s fake; I have also been cursed with the burden of having to discern what is picturesque and what is unphotographable. How do I convince a man that his sunning of pillows along the corridor is worth recording, when he has been doing it for years? How do I explain to a commuter in her bright red stockings that her legs are a visual treat? There seems to be no immediate answers, only more questions. I shall continue to believe in photography and not words.