Regarding Henri

Sitting in the middle of our living room is a shrine dedicated to Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Doing Ethics Is Too Difficult? Then Do Something Else

Another day and another photojournalist in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

Let’s Not Forget

All things being equal, by the time this column appears in print, we would have ‘commemorated’, in a mostly peaceful manner, a very important date in world history – the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre.

Why Are You Here?

As a photojournalism lecturer, it has become quite customary that every time a natural disaster happens, I will get asked by at least one student, “Should I go?”

Is Photojournalism Still Alive?

In June 2002, as one of the four masters at the inaugural Asia-Europe Workshop for Young Photographers, I presented a talk on the state of photojournalism.

Now Let’s Wait

Another World Press Photo and another round of controversies. Curiously and disappointingly for me, an early discussion about the choice of THE WPP went away too quickly.  Instead the one making the most noises in the past few days involves one photographer accusing another of wrongdoings.

The Importance of Having An ISBN

Back in the days when having a personal Wikipedia mention gave a photographer bragging rights, two good friends created a Wiki entry for me on my birthday.

Are You A Real Photojournalist?

My photojournalism class just ended and I have decided to write a ‘checklist’ for the students, to let them decide whether or not they have learned anything useful.

A Letter To My Young Photographer Friend

Dear Amanda, Thinking about what we do and reflecting on our actions are two very rare attributes which I like. They act as constant reminders to ourselves that what we do affect others, and that we are not always right. But over-thinking can also be bad.