“In 2011, I traveled to Boktabali, Bangladesh to attend the wedding of Salim, a young Bangladeshi construction worker who had helped to build our house a few years earlier. Apart from photographing the lavish wedding ceremonies, I ventured out to the surrounding area hoping to get a better sense of how the locals live; their economic condition; their family structure; the reasons why their young men are willing to leave their village to work in faraway places like Singapore; and the loved ones they live behind.”

Women Power
Edition of three, plus one artist’s proof

S$1500 per print


About the print:
– Paper size: 17″ x 22″
– Image size: 15″ x 18.6″
– Each print is carefully made with the Epson Stylus Pro 9900 Printer, using original Epson inks
– The paper for this edition is Epson Exhibition Fiber, 325gsm
– Signed with title, edition number, and year, with ink, recto and verso; and seal of authenticity on lower right corner of print

For more than a decade, I have been obsessed with one personal mission – Finding Naoko. Armed with my trusted Leica rangefinder and mostly the standard 50mm lens, I have traversed the globe, going from one city to another in search of the illusive woman. Just exactly who is she? Do I even know how she looks like? Will I know it if I really meet her? Perhaps I don’t really want to succeed, for what we can’t find is always the most beautiful.
Tokyo, JAPAN


Answers Without Words

Answers Without Words is a photographic dialogue between prisoners in Columbia River Correctional Institution and the rest of the world.  It involved 30 prisoners and 17 international photographers. The prisoners and photographers have sent questions back and forth and have answered those questions in photographs only. The result of this is two parallel exhibitions, one at the prison and one at Cascade Paragon Gallery.